Everything You Need To Know About EBC Brakes

With a workforce of more than 400 people from across the globe, EBC Brakes is an independent managed and owned leader within the brake markets. EBC brakes produce the biggest range when it comes to brake discs and brake pads, with more than 5000-part numbers that match up to all types of moving vehicles. These products are manufactured in either its USA or UK specialist factories. Most of the brake rotors and brake discs are also manufactured in the UK.

Here is a list of some of the popular brake pads available through EBC Brakes:

1. Orangestuff Brake Pads

The EBC Orangestuff Brake pads offer a wear life that is longer of up to 40-60% along with an efficient initial bite. One of the benefits of these brake pads is their ability to provide an improved fade-resistance on the rotors even when temperatures on the discs are so high that the discs start to glow red.

2. Yellowstuff 4000 “R” Series Full-Race Pad

The EBC Yellowstuff Brake pads are described as ultra-high friction brake-pads designed for street, trackday and race use. The Race drivers enjoy these brake pads as they are constructed out of aramid fibre compounds. These are the pads that are perfect for track and street driving as they don’t need to warm-up and become even stronger when exposed to hard driving.

3. EBC Truck Yellowstuff Sports Brake Pads

Due to its massive heat range, the EBC Yellowstuff Truck brakes offer benefits to a range of different vehicles from fast street use for high horsepower sedans onto race use, Trackday use for most of the street-based cars as well as brake upgrades for SUVs and Trucks. The Yellowstuff range works very well for Trucks that tow heavy loads along with when wheel-oversize upgrades are fitted in order to stop heavy vehicles and for the fastest drivers within a second.

4. EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads

These are the ideal brake pads for racing when it comes to all types of automotive sports and cars in general. This is due to the high levels of friction and that they are constructed out of NDX formula materials which are designed specifically for the more aggressive driving-conditions.

5. Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

These brake pads feature harder compounds that will take longer before they fully bed-in in order to achieve higher performance levels. During this stage it is normal to hear brake noises especially when starting from cold in conditions that are damp at a walking speed. Pressing the pedal once will clear any dampness on the rotor, which leaves confidence in any car user. It is advisable to have a bit of patience with this product in order to allow these pads the ability to bed-down correctly.

6. Greenstuff Brake Pads

These are brake compounds that are made intentionally softer which are designed in order to improve pedal feel for lower speeds on lighter cars. This is what results in a good lifetime, a medium dust-material along with very minimal wear on the rotor.

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