The Comfort of Fox Shocks for Cross Country Motorcycling

When someone mentions performance motorcycle shocks everyone imagines a racetrack. Do you picture motorcycles screaming down a quarter mile drag strip vying for those under 10 second speeds? Or did you picture racing bikes zooming around a winding race track with drivers leaning deep into the corners? I’m sure some of you pictured motocross bikes flying from the top of hills, landing with perfection, then powering into the next corner.

Most likely, no one thought of performance shocks for that big Indian cruiser with a pair of saddlebags heading down the interstate, or a winding two-lane highway. Performance Fox Shocks are perfect in all of these scenarios, but may be even more important for the person planning to spend day after day riding his motorcycle across the continent.

When you take off on a long cruise on your motorcycle comfort and performance become crucial. You can survive a one hour pleasure ride around the city with standard shocks and average performance, but turn that into a multi-hour ride everyday for weeks and your opinion can change.

You need to have that added feeling of comfort and the secure knowledge that your shocks will keep the wheels on the ground on smooth roads and in those rough construction areas. You want performance on dry and wet roads, because as much as we would like to avoid rain, it is not going to happen.

Fox shocks supplies the confidence you want. When you think about their heritage of winning races in the Baja, on motocross tracks, on high-speed circuits, and in drag racing, you know they will stand up to your cross country trip.

Are you a little adventurous once you hit the road? You take off on side trips, heading down a country road to see where it will take you, or follow a path that someone pointed out that you can’t even call a road. Those are the moments you are happy to have performance shocks on your motorcycle. The bumps are smoothed out. The rough terrain does not make your tire skip because the shocks keep the tire firmly on the road.

Performance shocks often get a bad reputation as being too stiff for using for everyday use, but is that true? What you will discover is you can buy shocks that are calibrated to perfection for your type of riding. You can select shocks that meet your needs instead of conforming to the needs of thousands.

Shocks are just one part of a great ride when you head out for a long trip. You need quality tires. You need to make sure your engine is tuned and ready for the adventure. You need to check the brakes. But, when it comes to a comfortable and fun journey, your shocks become one of the most important pieces of the puzzle.

As you start planning your next long trip on your motorcycle, take a few minutes and consider if new shocks will improve the experience. If your short rides have not been as comfortable as you would like, it is time to upgrade to performance shocks before heading cross country.

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