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What you Need to Know About Rough Country Lift Kits

A Rough Country lift kit is used to raise the chassis of a vehicle. It is a good idea to consider investing in the best Rough Country lift kit to enjoy quality. The best thing about Rough Country lift kits is the fact that they have everything needed to ensure that you get a lift.

In addition, they also have everything needed to ensure that your suspensions function up to par. It is good to opt for a kit with over a 3’’ lift. However, ensure that you choose a quality kit that suits your budget. Would you like to know more about the Rough Country lift kit so that you can make an informed decision? If so, read on to find this information.

It is pretty easy to install a Rough Country lift kit especially if you fully understand the underside of a truck. If you don’t know the underside of a truck, don’t worry as you can look for a video or videos to help you know about the underside of a truck. The installation process can be done within a couple of hours and you can do the installation in your home garage.

The Comfort of Fox Shocks for Cross Country Motorcycling

When someone mentions performance motorcycle shocks everyone imagines a racetrack. Do you picture motorcycles screaming down a quarter mile drag strip vying for those under 10 second speeds? Or did you picture racing bikes zooming around a winding race track with drivers leaning deep into the corners? I’m sure some of you pictured motocross bikes flying from the top of hills, landing with perfection, then powering into the next corner.

Most likely, no one thought of performance shocks for that big Indian cruiser with a pair of saddlebags heading down the interstate, or a winding two-lane highway. Performance Fox Shocks are perfect in all of these scenarios, but may be even more important for the person planning to spend day after day riding his motorcycle across the continent.

Suspension Systems Explained

The inner workings of the suspension system of a vehicle are largely a mystery to casual vehicle enthusiasts except for chassis and body experts, perhaps for good reason. “Suspension” is a term that refers to an intricate system of shock absorbers, springs, tires, tire air, and linkages that connect the vehicle to the wheels, which allows for relative motion between the two.